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/ Global Major Fashion Retailer Case Study
Client Challenge

Difficulty in connecting with the Japanese audience due to the language barrier, as well as due to the ecommerce not being optimized for the Japanese market.


Wasabi played a crucial role in supporting the local team by providing expert assistance in optimizing on-page SEO for the brand’s ecommerce pages, tailored specifically to resonate with the Japanese audience. Through careful analysis and meticulous attention to detail, they ensured that each attribute on the pages was meticulously optimized, aligning with search engine algorithms and meeting user preferences.

In addition to their on-page optimization expertise, Wasabi offered valuable support to the PR team, providing insightful suggestions and precise tweaks to enhance the effectiveness of press releases. Their deep understanding of the media landscape and their ability to craft compelling narratives resulted in heightened engagement from media outlets and readers alike.

The impact of Wasabi’s contributions was evident as the brand’s previously overlooked ecommerce pages experienced a significant improvement in visibility. Page 1 rankings saw an impressive increase of 67% compared to the previous year, showcasing the brand’s enhanced presence in search engine results. Furthermore, these rankings continued to soar with a month-over-month growth of 75%. Wasabi’s diligent optimization efforts had effectively propelled the brand to a position of increased prominence and authority.

The collaboration between Wasabi and the local team exemplified the power of expertise and collaboration. Wasabi’s meticulous approach to optimization enabled the ecommerce pages to effectively engage the Japanese audience, ensuring relevance and resonance.

The successful partnership between Wasabi and the local team highlighted the transformative impact of strategic expertise and collaboration. Wasabi’s systematic approach and meticulous optimizations were instrumental in bolstering the brand’s visibility and engagement.