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/ Global Product Development & Technology Consultancy Firm Case Study
Client Challenge

The client’s KPI was to increase brand awareness but their Japanese website’s content was almost entirely in English. Also, the design and the messaging were fit for a Western audience but not for the Japanese market.


Wasabi demonstrated their commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for their client’s online presence by going beyond optimizing the advertising campaigns. Recognizing the importance of a website that aligns with the preferences and cultural nuances of the target audience, Wasabi proposed an entirely new website structure. This forward-thinking suggestion aimed to create an immersive and engaging experience for the Japanese audience.

To bring this vision to life, Wasabi also presented the client with a collection of carefully curated images that captured the essence of Japanese culture. By offering these images, Wasabi empowered the client to make design adjustments that would infuse the website with a distinctly “Japanese” look and feel. This collaborative approach ensured that the website’s visual elements resonated with the Japanese audience, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection.

Once the client approved the new design, Wasabi embarked on the crucial task of translating and localizing all the website content. Recognizing the need for more than mere language translation, Wasabi partnered with a trusted translation company to ensure a comprehensive localization effort. Their objective was to adapt the messaging, tone, and style of the content to align with the cultural sensitivities and preferences of the Japanese audience.

The localization process involved careful analysis and modification of the existing content to ensure that it resonated with the target audience. Wasabi’s team of experts worked closely with the translation company to capture the nuances and idiomatic expressions that would strike a chord with Japanese visitors. By tailoring the messaging, Wasabi aimed to create a compelling user experience that would resonate on a deep cultural level, fostering trust and engagement.

By combining the new website structure, culturally relevant images, and localized content, Wasabi succeeded in delivering a website that truly spoke to the Japanese audience. By understanding the importance of resonating with the target audience, we showcased our expertise in delivering a seamless user experience that effectively engaged and converted visitors. Our efforts not only contributed to the success of our client’s online presence but also reinforced our reputation as a trusted partner in navigating international markets.