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/ Major Global Cigarette and Tobacco Manufacturing Company Case Study
Client Challenge

The client faced a language barrier and lack of specialized SEO knowledge within the local organization (Japanese branch) regarding various web and ecommerce initiatives for their brand of heated tobacco products in Japan, their largest market.

Market share between Google and Yahoo

Wasabi played a crucial role by providing comprehensive support to the local organization as an integral part of their digital marketing team. Throughout the process, they worked closely with the global agency of record and headquarters, collaborating on all aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) for a significant website refresh, domain migration, and the successful launch of new products specifically tailored to the Japanese market.

By functioning as an extension of the local organization’s digital marketing team, Wasabi brought a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. They seamlessly integrated with the existing team, ensuring a smooth flow of communication, efficient coordination, and a unified approach to achieving the organization’s marketing objectives.

The website refresh and domain migration were critical milestones for the organization, and Wasabi’s involvement proved invaluable. They meticulously strategized and executed the SEO aspects of these initiatives, working in tandem with the global agency of record and headquarters to ensure a cohesive digital presence.

One of the most remarkable outcomes of Wasabi’s efforts was the noticeable improvement in web traffic for the brand. By implementing effective SEO techniques, optimizing the website structure, and refining the content, they successfully enhanced the brand’s online visibility. As a result, the organization experienced a significant increase in organic search traffic, driving more qualified leads and potential customers to their website.

Moreover, the collaboration between Wasabi, the global agency of record, and headquarters proved instrumental in minimizing the negative effects of moving domains before a major product launch. This delicate transition often carries the risk of disrupting search engine rankings and negatively impacting organic traffic. However, thanks to the meticulous planning and strategic implementation of SEO practices, the negative consequences were greatly mitigated. The website maintained its search engine visibility, ensuring that the organization’s products received the attention they deserved during the crucial product launch period.

Overall, by closely partnering with the local organization, the global agency of record, and headquarters, Wasabi delivered exceptional support and expertise in SEO. Their efforts not only contributed to a successful website refresh, domain migration, and product launch but also yielded tangible results in terms of increased web traffic and mitigated risks.