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/ Major IT company Case Study
Client Challenge

Advertise the client’s whitepapers to increase traffic on each respective landing page and generate Marketing Qualified Leads.

Market share between Google and Yahoo

Wasabi crafted a dynamic and comprehensive strategy that blended the power of Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns to captivate the client’s desired audience. With their sights set on delivering exceptional results, Wasabi embarked on a journey that would propel their client’s brand to new heights.

Harnessing the immense potential of various digital platforms, Wasabi set their sights on Twitter as a primary channel for their marketing endeavors. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Within a mere three months, the Twitter campaign alone generated a staggering 17,000 impressions, leaving a trail of brand awareness and engagement in its wake. The client’s message reached far and wide, resonating with the target audience and igniting curiosity and interest in their offerings.

But Wasabi’s ambition didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of collaboration, they strategically combined the forces of Twitter and LinkedIn to amplify their impact. The synergy of these platforms proved to be an unstoppable force, generating an astonishing 500+ leads over the course of six months. This dynamic duo weaved a web of connections, enticing potential customers and guiding them towards the client’s offerings with undeniable allure.

The success of Wasabi’s marketing strategy lay in their ability to meticulously tailor each campaign to its respective platform. They skillfully utilized the distinctive features and user behaviors of Twitter and LinkedIn, unleashing their full potential to captivate and convert. The campaigns were finely tuned to engage the desired audience, sparking their curiosity and enticing them to take action.

As a result of Wasabi’s unwavering dedication and strategic prowess, the client’s brand soared to unprecedented heights. Through their innovative approach, Wasabi successfully ignited conversations, sparked connections, and ultimately propelled the client’s brand to the forefront of the industry.

With Twitter generating a whirlwind of impressions and the collaboration between Twitter and LinkedIn culminating in an impressive lead-generation spree, we showcased our ability to turn innovative ideas into tangible results.