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Client Challenge

An upcoming rebrand for the Japanese market required specialized, Japanese SEO knowledge and management of all domestic paid search campaigns.


Wasabi played a pivotal role in supporting both the global headquarters (HQ) and the domestic organization by providing expert guidance on search engine optimization (SEO) and localization strategies for their website in the Japanese market.

Understanding the importance of tailoring the website to the specific needs and preferences of the Japanese audience, Wasabi worked closely with both the global HQ and the domestic organization to develop an effective localization strategy. They conducted thorough research on local search trends, user behavior, and competitor analysis to identify key opportunities and insights that could drive organic traffic and improve conversion rates.

By leveraging their expertise in SEO, Wasabi implemented strategic optimizations on the website to enhance its visibility and ranking in Japanese search engine results. They ensured that the website’s structure, content, and meta tags were optimized with relevant keywords and phrases that resonated with the local audience. This meticulous approach played a significant role in attracting qualified organic traffic and driving higher conversion rates.

The impact of Wasabi’s efforts became evident within a short span of time. Paid search cost per conversions witnessed a remarkable drop of 50% in the Japanese market, which was the lowest among all regions. This cost efficiency was achieved through targeted keyword selection, refined ad copy, and continuous optimization of paid search campaigns. As a result, the organization experienced a substantial increase in conversions, with a notable growth rate of 117% in just three months.

The success achieved by Wasabi can be attributed to their commitment to staying abreast of the latest SEO trends and best practices. They continuously monitored and analyzed the performance of the website, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary adjustments to maximize its impact. This proactive approach ensured that the organization remained at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape in Japan.

Furthermore, Wasabi’s collaboration with the global HQ and the domestic organization extended beyond SEO. Their expertise and understanding of the local market allowed them to provide valuable insights and recommendations on various aspects of website localization, including language, cultural nuances, and user experience. By aligning the website with the preferences and expectations of the Japanese audience, they enhanced engagement, trust, and overall user satisfaction.