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/ Global Test and Measurement Devices Manufacturer Case Study
Client Challenge
Our client faced a significant challenge in meeting their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the competitive Japanese market.

After conducting a comprehensive account audit, meticulous budget analysis, strategic bidding adjustments, and a thorough product analysis, Wasabi proposed a new account structure designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing disruptions during ad campaigns. Upon client approval, we promptly initiated the implementation of these changes while seamlessly managing their existing campaigns.
In just two months following the implementation, Wasabi achieved remarkable results, notably elevating the Conversion Rate (CVR) from a meager 0.52% to a consistently increasing rate, eventually reaching 1.65%. Subsequently, we maintained the CVR above 2%, effectively boosting conversion values Year over Year (YoY).
This success story underscores our ability to not only meet but exceed client expectations in a highly competitive market, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional results and value.