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/ Scientific Research Support Service Case Study
Client Challenge

The client is one of the Top 3 editing and proofreading services for academics and researchers in Japan with a niche industry and extremely competitive target audience in the market. On digital advertisement, their Cost per Conversion was above 4K JPY and needed to improve their ROI.


Wasabi implemented a highly effective strategy that resulted in a significant reduction in the cost per conversion. We managed to bring down the cost per conversion from approximately 4,000 JPY to a far more cheaper 902 JPY, marking a remarkable 77% reduction in the cost.

Furthermore, the implementation of Wasabi’s strategy also had a positive impact on the conversion rate. With our meticulous efforts, we were able to increase the conversion rate by 7.3%. As a result, the campaign recorded a staggering 253 conversions in December 2019 alone. This figure represented the highest number of conversions achieved throughout the year, solidifying Wasabi’s outstanding performance in 2019.

By delivering a significant reduction in cost per conversion and an increase in the conversion rate, we showcased our effectiveness in generating quality leads and driving business growth.